Conservatives Slam Judge for Blocking Genital Mutilation Charges

By: Neil Munro

A federal judge is facing a public outcry after he threw out federal charges against several Muslims who are suspected of cutting girls’ genitals to minimize future sexual desires.

“Outrageous,” said a tweet from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a U.S.-based advocate, who was born in Somalia and underwent Somalia’s severe form of the Islamic practice, dubbed FGM for Female Genital Mutilation. “Cutting girls genitals is a crime and must be prosecuted,” she added.

“Wait! What? Judge dismisses key charges in genital mutilation case,” said a tweet from Trump supporter Katrina Pierson: “I had no idea that we needed laws against #FGM in the United States.”

“Congress can regulate every aspect of your life but it can’t regulate FGM,” commented Dan Horowitz, the editor of Conservative Review and a determined critic of over-powerful courts. “Folks, we are done.”

The judge’s decision may end the Detroit trial unless it is reversed on appeal. The Muslim defendants cannot be charged in the state because the state’s anti-FGM law was passed after their arrest. State officials may charge the defendants with other crimes, such as sexual assault

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