Couple buys all shoes out Payless Store & Donates to a Women’s Shelter

By: Kazi Musa, SAVED News International Correspondent, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Susan Cook and Patrick Riordan, a couple from New Jersey, bought all the shoes in the Payless store. Amazingly, they donated them to the Women’s Shelter. The shelter provides support for the families affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

The couple did a generous work last month when they went to a Payless store, bought 247 pairs of shoes and donated for needy women and children.

Payless, a shoe retailer, was planning to close their outlets because of bankruptcy. They were selling the rest of the inventory with a huge discount.

Riordan and her husband went to Hamilton Marketplace in Mercer County, New Jersey on 22 June. At that time, they noticed an advertisement hung in the shoe store “Everything $3.”

Photo Source: KVOA.com

They bought something from the store. In the meantime, cashier of the Payless store indicated that they are in a hurry to sell out their whole inventory and will close the shop soon. He added that if you wish you could have a better deal. Then Riordan asked the cashier “you are going to close today, right? So, if we want to buy everything from this store how much do we have to pay?

The store manager said if they buy everything, they will make it $1 for each pair. It took a while to complete the transaction. It was eleven bags of shoes and the real price was more than $5000 but they paid about $250. There were many kinds of shoes including kids’ sneakers, boy and girl sneakers, light-up sneakers, sleepers, and boots even.

Womanspace, Inc. shared the story on their Facebook page. They stated they helped more than a hundred families from the donation. They added this generosity, and some individuals and families are holding the essence of sharing. As a result, we can continue such humanitarian work.

This is a good example of humanity. Before school starts, such humanitarian work really hard to help needy families.

Featured Photo Source: nbcphiladelphia

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