Family Drum Circle During Israel’s Days of Awe, (Norah HaYamim)

Come and be part of a historic event, prophesied in the last days. The coming together of The 10 lost Tribes of Israel and the House of Judah being reunited and reconciled. A worship and dance ministry, along with a messianic dance team will minister among us.
Meet many descendants from the House of Joseph, who have been scattered to the remotest part of the earth, only to be regathered at the end of the age!
Come and bring your shofars, tribal flags and blessings to our brethren who will travel to be with us. Bring your blessings, (financial, and handmade gifts) to show our appreciation to our younger brother who is being regathered and reunited in Messiahs Ekkelssia at the end of the age. (Isaiah 11:11, Isa 56:1-8, Psalm 147:2 the outcasts of Israel)

During Israel’s Days of Awe, (Norah HaYamim)
When: Oct. 4-6 2019, Friday 3:00-Sunday 6:00
Where: The House of David
660 West Meadow Parkway Moravian Falls, NC 28654

**Quality Inn, in Wilkesboro, NC is offering special rates for out of towners and their families Friday-Saturday.
Any questions please contact : Messianic Bible Teacher
Sion Rose 803-431-6834
Pastor John Ryoo 661-860-6185

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