God Belongs In My City – Jacksonville, Fl

(Jacksonville, FL) –The prayer walk that’s reached over 50-thousand Christians in nearly 80 cities is gearing up for its next big stop in Jacksonville, Florida. On August 15th, 2015, the 5th Annual God Belongs In My City Prayer Walk will take place in Jacksonville and its expected to draw hundreds of youth to the city’s downtown area to pray. The God Belongs In My City Jacksonville prayer walk is a part of a national movement that provides the opportunity to unite people no matter their religious denomination to promote peace and unity.
“This year’s walk is so crucial considering the number of murders and crime involving our cities youth. I believe in the power of prayer. The walk is about encouraging youth not to spew hate but to love one another, turn to prayer and acts of peace versus acts of hate,” said Alan Diaz the Jacksonville walk organizer and founder of United Jacksonville.
In 2009 the God Belongs In My City prayer walk originated after a youth ministry in New York City saw an advertisement in their subway system which stated, “A Million New Yorkers Are Good Without God. Are You?” The youth were so stirred up by this advertisement they gathered 5 other youth ministries to join in on a prayer walk and wear a simple T-shirt which stated God Belongs In My City. In less than 2 weeks, on November 14, 2009 over 15-hundred youth met in Manhattan to make a bold statement that has now spread and resulted in prayer walks featuring the t-shirt and has drawn thousands of youth in nearly 80 cities annually.
The God Belongs In My City prayer walk will start at 9am on August, 15, 2015 and participants will meet and walk from Treaty Oak Park to Bay Street then to the Jacksonville Police Station. Participants are encouraged to purchase a God Belongs In My City t-shirt and register at www.GodBelongsinJacksonville.com. Registration and walk t-shirts will be available for purchase onsite.
About United Jacksonville: United Jacksonville is a group of Pastors, Youth Leaders & Young Adult Leaders with a common passion to reach our City and Communities. We have answered the Acts 4:32 call to be of one heart and join in support of one another spiritually, financially and physically as we reach the SOULS in our Communities with the message of Salvation through the love of Jesus Christ for the Kingdom of God.

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