If Walls Could Talk

By: Prophetess Carmena Cox, SAVED News Guest Editorialist — In recent conversations with a friend of mine. We began to discuss the topic ‘if walls could talk.’ Over the years I’m sure you’ve heard this concept stated using other clichés like ‘if I were a fly on the wall,’ or ‘nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.’ Whichever cliché you use, they are all saying essentially the same thing. If the elements around you could somehow speak or tell how you act when no one is looking, would it be the same story that you are telling through how you conduct yourself in the public arena.
In essence these colloquial clichés are dealing with the integrity of an individual. Integrity is doing what is right because it is right, whether moral or ethical, all the time on a consistent basis when no one is looking. It’s easy and popular for us to do right in front of people, but the question still remains if walls could talk what would they say about what you do behind closed doors why the fly is on the wall ear hustling.
This subject of integrity is especially important to us as believers of Jesus Christ. Many times we can win over the public with our winning personality, but we are a turnoff to those in our families because our lives don’t match up. There are those believers that know how to shout, speak in 10 unknown tongues, pray fire down from heaven, preach you happy, prophesy your socks off, and yet still live without integrity.
We, as believers must know and understand that walls can’t talk, flies don’t hear, and I may not know what goes on behind your closed doors; but the God we serve, the one who sits high and looks low; is all knowing and all seeing. Everything that’s done in the dark shall be brought to the light; furthermore, we should represent Christ in all that we do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! What will your walls say about you?

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