By A~Z Hubbard, SAVED News Editor-In-Chief
Hello everyone,
This month, I’m tackling the subject of listening. I rarely watch TV, except for the SAVED News lineup (lol); but the other day there was something on I really wanted to watch. I prepped and planned my schedule around this show. I had my snacks and my coffee, the intro to the show came up and I nestled in my favorite spot. Just as the show came on my phone rang. I looked at it and thought “self, I’ve been waiting all week for this show, I’ll call them later.” God said, “answer.”
So I answered the phone and much to my selfish dismay, the person was exceptionally long winded. I was good for about 2 minutes of conversation. Had they asked if I was busy, I would have quickly said yes, call you later. Nope, that didn’t happen, they went on and on and on. After about 15 minutes, I was ready to mute my end and turn down the volume. Then God said, “LISTEN.” Now I have to admit, this person normally doesn’t pour out like that, so I paused and listened with my full attention. Generally I’m a great listener, but I had my own plans. I didn’t say too much as the person talked the entire time, over an hour. At the end, was the release and thanked me for listening because they didn’t know what they would have done and had no one else to talk to.
Sometimes in our busy daily life, we need to slow down and listen to others because we never know when we will need for someone to listen to us. God bless…..

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