By: Apostle Syvilla Pristell,

Yes he is doing miracles and freeing dreamers and seers to acceptance in the body of Christ.

Miracle 1 – Healing

When Sandra walked into the Pavillion of Hope Church in Memphis, Tennessee after having open heart surgery, I was so surprised. The pastor, Bishop Arije called her to him and prayed. He gave her words of wisdom and prophesied healing over her body. Having had open heart surgery myself and knowing that it took 90 days of being in the house and rehabilitation for my recovery; surely God was in this woman’s recovery. I drew closer to Sandra and asked how she was frequently.

Miracle 2 – Discovery of her Calling and Gifts

As time went on Sandra continued to do well and came back to church every Sunday and Wednesday. She shared with me that she had grave concern for her housing condition as to whether it was safe. Sandra wanted to stay in Memphis because of the church and yet her mother continued to guide her home to another state. After opening her front door and finding a man looking down her throat she shouted vehemently, ”He was the DEVIL himself.” I then knew Sandra was a seer. By seer I mean, she had the gifts (1 Corinthians 12) of discerning of spirits. These gifts came from the God of Ephesians 4:8 who ascended and descended and gave gifts to all men.

Miracle 3 – Discovery of the Omnipresent God

Within a short time, Sandra moved to be with her Mom, kicking and screaming all the way. Her fear was having to leave the place that God had provided her in Memphis with a pastor and a church where the spirit of God was her host and was training her. After her first Sunday in the new city, she called with excitement, “How dare I put God in a Box! The same God of Memphis has met me here and I am experiencing the same presence of God and miraculous healings as well… Thank you, God.” I assured Sandra that this too was miraculous; many people move and experience a dearth of the word and have to succumb to a dry and barren wilderness of “No Word” though fellowships are on every corner.

Miracle 4 – Recognition of her Gifts as a Dreamer

Sandra then had a dream of being assigned to a hotel to take care of. She found the place in terrible condition, but the frequent visitors of the hotel were experiencing grave problems. After Sandra came, it seemed the drug dealers couldn’t do drugs; the prostitutes could not sell their bodies, the married men could no longer tip out on their wives, the trafficker could no longer pick up people to pimp. She woke up and then drifted back to sleep and found the hotel changed. It had been upgraded and all new visitors. Sandra was now happy to be there.

Miracle 5 – God Allows Her to be Partaker of a Miracle

Sandra attended an archery contest with family friends. While she sat on a stone just watching the contest, a little baby, no more than three years old, crawled over to her. The baby though crawling began to struggle to stand to her feet. She staggeringly lifted her eyes to Sandra and grinned with the warmest welcome smile Sandra had seen. The mother quickly ran over and began to cry. My baby has never walked, talked or even heard. Sandra became involved with the baby and ask to give her a honey bun. The father then came over and said “Oh my, our daughter has never walked and she certainly doesn’t take things from strangers. But she’s walking.” The baby began to do sign language, the father said, “She wants more.” Sandra handed the baby the honey bun. She ate and smiled.

When the parents and child left Sandra reflected on what happened. Sandra remembered the hotel dream and how peoples lives changed when she came to the hotel. She now remembered, after getting saved and moving to another city, her inner cry for “More.” As she began to put the events of the weeks together, she realized that God had made her brand new. She realized that not only had he given her miraculous healing but that He was giving her gifts for miracles for others.

Today Sandra is attending church regularly. She is still dreaming and learning order in the body of Christ. She is talking with her pastors and asking permission to discuss with them Gods ways of using her in her gifts.

From heart surgery to healing to being used as a healer. GOD IS STILL DOING MIRACLES!!


God I surrender myself to be used of you. I am willing to use every gift you have given me to deliver others. I accept that you are healer, miracle worker, deliverer of the whole world.
Come into my heart right now and become Lord of my life.
Baptize me with your holy spirit and teach me your ways, in Jesus name Amen.

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