New ePrayCancer messaging app connects cancer patients for prayer and spiritual support

A single post on Facebook asking people to pray for cancer patients has birthed a new mobile application called ePrayCancer. The free social networking chat app connects people who are fighting cancer for prayer and spiritual support.

Tom Freiling, co-founder of ePray, LLC, a social and web development agency, announced the app is now available on iTunes and GooglePlay. Freiling explains that users can “post and chat in real time, create chat spaces, share pics and images, invite their phone and social contacts, send broadcast messages, and even place phone and video calls.”

He compares the app to popular messaging apps Kik and WhatsApp in terms of functionality – but with a more narrow user group focus. “The app is robust,” says Freiling, “and offers users an incredible mobile experience where patients meet patients and caretakers meet caretakers.

The vision for ePrayCancer was born on July 22, 2015, when Freiling posted an image on Facebook asking people to pray for people who are fighting the disease. The Facebook post simply read, “Dear God, heal those with cancer. Amen.” The colorful post went viral almost immediately and today is among Facebook’s all-time most shared posts with more than 12,000,000 likes, comments, and shares and a total reach of more than 119,000,000.

Freiling and a group of technologists and investors who co-founded ePray, LLC built the app with the spiritual needs of cancer patients in mind. “Faith matters to people fighting cancer,” says Freiling. “The cancer journey is scary, overwhelming, and confusing. Being surrounded by a strong support system of people who agree to provide spiritual support is an important part of finding strength and healing.” The app was created to make it easy for cancer patients to find spiritual support wherever and whenever they need it. The cancer journey sits close to his heart because Deanna Freiling, his wife, passed-away after a short but brave battle against colon cancer.

The company’s Facebook page is called, “Stop Cancer. Start Praying,” has nearly 200,000 followers and reaches up to 20,000,000 users weekly, making it one of the most popular faith-based Facebook pages in the world.


Christyn Taylor


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