Pull Up To The Drive-Thru Prayer

By: A~Z Hubbard, SAVED News Editor-In-Chief — We use the drive-thru daily to pick up food, laundry, etc., but on Saturday, January 30th you can order the best service available at the drive-thru and that’s PRAYER. Yes, Harvest Fellowship Church will hold the Prayer Drive-Thru from 1 pm until 4 pm on the corner of Ash and Center streets, downtown Goldsboro.
Pastor Pete Norris said, “We want to get more people involved in the church. Some people don’t feel comfortable praying for people in the church and they have more of a servant’s heart. So we are going to fix it where the church can be involved as a whole, and it can be a kind of a double clutch ministry the way I look at it. People are giving and people are receiving; not only are the people that are receiving, they are giving back to the people that are giving. I see ministry about people.”
We will be laying hands and praying for people to receive the Holy Spirit, to be healed, delivered, encouraged, exalted, and come in agreement with people in prayer.
Harvest Fellowship Church holds 10 hours of prayer per week: Tues, Wed. and Sunday from 7 until 9 am; Thursday from 4 until 6 pm; and Sunday from 6 until 7 pm praying for specific needs in this area. They have been doing this for three years. They are affiliated with the International House of Prayer (IHOP) who’s mission is to have prayer 24/7 daily. They turn on IHOP while they pray and there are millions of people around the world that are coming together in prayer in agreement. Norris said, “There is power in that. We have prayer teams in our church that pray of specific areas of need in Goldsboro for 4 years.
In addition to prayer, free coffee and chili will also be served.
Norris concluded, “I want to be a benefit to the city, I want to be able to give back more to this city than I pull out. “Harvest Fellowship Church feed over 1500 to 1700 people per week.
For more information on the Drive-Thru Prayer or their ministry contact Harvest Fellowship Church, 126 West Walnut Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530, 919-736-2909 hfchurch@raleigh.twcbc.com

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