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Preacher Locked Up, Charged with Hate Crime for Quoting Bible to Gay Teen

By DONNA RACHEL EDMUNDS, Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images A Christian street preacher was locked up and charged with a hate crime for quoting from the Book of Genesis in response to a gay teenager’s questions on how God views homosexuals. Gordon Larmour, 42, spent a night in custody and faced a six-month ordeal over the […]

The Most Complete Graphic Adaptation of the Bible Ever Done

LEESBURG, Fla — A leading publisher of Christian graphic content, including the first graphic novels by best-selling evangelical authors Dr. Ravi Zacharias and eternity expert Randy Alcorn, announces the release of a new Kingstone Comics app that places premium graphic content at the ready reach of consumers worldwide. The company’s signature product, the Kingstone Bible, […]

Transformed or Conformed?

By: Minister Carmena Cox, SAVED News Guest Editorialist — With the wake of everything that is going on in our country recently, the issue of Conformity for the Christian community ( corporately and individually) is of great importance .Definitely worth exploring considering the spiritual warfare that we will have to encounter in the last days. […]