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By: A~Z Hubbard, SAVED News Editor-In-Chief Hello everyone, Another blessed month that the Lord made. I was reading an article online and scrolled down to the comments. The article was concerning a certain Christian entertainer and choices made that does not resemble Christ. I have to admit, I, like many of you

Praising the Slain Lamb

By Callie Mitchell, SAVED News International Correspondent, Jerusalem, Israel Have you ever thought of the book of Revelation as being Hebraic? Over the years, as I have had discussions with believers, I’ve often heard it argued that the picture of the cloud of witness from every tribe, tongue, and nation is

Happy Holidays

By: A~Z Hubbard, SAVED News Editor-In-Chief; Hello everyone, I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Being SAVED News, you are not surprised when I say, Jesus is the reason for the season. Well, not just this season, but ALL seasons. He gave us the gift

Healing With Scriptures and Soaking Healing Scriptures Read by Rob Thompson Album title " Healing with the Word" or " Healing by the Word" Music: songs at the end: Holy Spirit Deleon (Google Play • iTunes • AmazonMP3) Kimberly and Alberto Rivera

Church Foolishness versus Kingdom Principles

By Bishop Anthony Slater - SAVED News Guest Editorialist -- I’ve been in church for a long time, and I have noticed that the trend is terrible. We say we’re Christians and go to church every Sunday, yet we don’t speak to one another. We say that we love God,

Transformed or Conformed?

By: Minister Carmena Cox, SAVED News Guest Editorialist -- With the wake of everything that is going on in our country recently, the issue of Conformity for the Christian community ( corporately and individually) is of great importance .Definitely worth exploring considering the spiritual warfare that we will have to