Thwarted Plans and Answered Prayer

Callie Mitchell, SAVED News International Correspondent, Jerusalem, Israel — The bible tells us all the nations will rage against Israel, and in the last few weeks, we have felt that rage. Over the last few weeks, our Arab Muslim neighbors launched what our media has called a “Wave of Violence” against Israel. It has been a scary time, as we have suffered from vicious stabbing terrorist attacks day after day.
I have a glorious testimony to share about the Lord answering prayer for protection, but first I want to be honest and vulnerable with you all about how intense this has been. I have no idea what the media exposure outside of Israel has been like, but on the ground, it has been the most evil situation I have ever encountered in my entire life. On the worst days, the evil seemed almost tangible like a dark cloud had settled over Jerusalem.
The mental, emotional, and spiritual war that comes with a spirit of terror is one of the most intense situations I’ve faced. Particularly on the day after witnessing the aftermath of an attack, I battled hard against fearful thoughts that someone could jump out and start stabbing at any moment. I literally choked back tears for hours, afraid that something was going to happen to my husband, Devin, while we were apart. As I have met with the Lord in prayer, He has spoken to my heart that He was restraining much more evil than we know! And then He was good to let me be part of this manifest.
While reading news story about a thwarted attack recently, I recognized the background scenery of a photo in the article as being a street on the East edge of our neighborhood, Arnona. It was startling to see because I had been in that area with friends a few days prior. Just four of us, young wives and our small babies, we prayer walked a big loop around Arnona’s outside streets, proclaiming scripture, asking for the Lord’s protection, while pleading for the salvation of the Jewish and Arab people. In all honesty, the story caused me to fear, knowing that we had been in that location with our children.
At the next meeting, however, my friend Bethany, pointed out something I didn’t see. She reminded us on that very street, we asked the Lord to cause all evil to “Passover” for the blood of Messiah Yeshua, and prayed a hedge of fire to block all evil activity in that location. Just days later, a soldier apprehended a terrorist who had attempted a stabbing, at the very border that we had established before Him. The Lord did not permit his feet to cross into the territory that we had claimed for His name. Very somberly we praised Him for hearing us, with knowledge that the terrorist died apart from knowing salvation in Yeshua. That truth makes this real.
What we’re dealing with is life and death, and we need your support. Please keep praying. Without ceasing, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and the salvation of this nation. Endure with us, on our knees, to the end.
The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it” – Psalm 68:11 “That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell them of all thy wonderous works” – Psalm 26:7

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