We Have The Homefield Advantage

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This month I am going to reprint an article by Coach EV entitled, “We Have The Homefield Advantage.” It’s still relevant, enjoy.
The word advantage means a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position. It is understood in the sports world that teams who play at home wins more than when they play on the road. According to research in the last 10 years was that the percentage of home games won in MLB was 53.9%, in the NHL 55.7%, in the NBA 60.5%, and in the NFL 57.3%.
There are several causes of home field advantage. One cause is the fact that there is considerable economic incentive for home teams to win as often as possible. When the home team wins the consumer-that is the ticket buying fans leave happy. The better the home team plays, the more likely the fans are to buy tickets, hats, t-shirts, and are more likely to renew their luxury suite. The better the home team plays the more likely businesses and corporations are to buy sponsorships and the more likely local television networks are to bid for rights fees.
As kingdom believers we have an even better advantage with the triune God. We have the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As a Kingdom believer we are on a team that never loses especially at home. As a child we use to play a game called tag. In the game of tag we always had what we called home base where you would be considered safe. You couldn’t get tagged out if you were found on home base, thus being on home base was to your advantage.
As believers it is important that we take advantage of our home base which is found in the shelter of the Most High and in the shadow of the Almighty. Our enemy Satan and his demons can’t tag us with lust, lying, greed, murder, anger etc… if we are on our home base. The problem for us is when we journey off of home base. If you are a part of the kingdom of God you should never leave home base. Why you may ask? Because our home field advantage assures us of victory every time, it will save us from hidden traps, and will shield us from deadly poisons. It will give us a no fear attitude, it will protect us from all evil and while others are being destroyed all around us we will go untouched because of our homefield advantage.
Eric Vaughn is publisher of the Geeker Report an online publication that provides positive events for youth all over the country.

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