We Welcome a New Baby!

By Callie Mitchell, SAVED News International Correspondent, Jerusalem, Israel

The Mitchell Family is pleased to announce the birth of our fourth baby, Yaniv Yeshaya Mitchell! Yaniv arrived on Oct 23rd, weighing 7 lbs 11 oz. He was born quite quickly at our home in Jerusalem. Like the rest of our children, he has red hair! We are both doing really well and the rest of the family has welcomed him with joy!

Callie and husband Devin with and sweet Yaniv, Lydia, Aviel, and Eliora.

In the Hebrew, tradition names are chosen to represent the reputation of one it bearing it. Devin and I consider the names we give our children to be a gift of blessing that we bestow on them. Yaniv (Yah-neev) means “He will bear fruit” and Yeshaya (Ye-Shy-yah) is the Hebrew form of Isaiah. It means “God is Salvation” and shares the same root as Yeshua.

We chose these names for him because he was due to be born around the feast of Sukkot, which is a time remembering the 40 years in the wilderness, but also the season of harvest. Prophetically Sukkot represents the in-gathering of nations to the Messiah. It is also thought to be the time that Yeshua, Jesus, might possibly have been born. Yaniv’s names reflect the spirit of the season in which he was born, and together act as a strong blessing over his life! Our sweet one will be fruit and he will know God’s salvation! Amen!

My Testimony

This fall also marked the sixth anniversary of the time I had brain surgery to remove a tumor from my pituitary gland. The tumor caused secondary infertility, which is how I knew I was sick! We had one baby, Aviel, before the strange variety of symptoms occurred. It was infertility that got me moving to get a diagnosis and treatment. Today I hold my third baby post-surgery in my arms and praise God for the miracle of healing that He provided through my doctors. Most women who have the particular condition that I suffered, Cushing’s Disease, will go 5 years before they are accurately diagnosed. My team in Israel had my diagnosis and surgery scheduled after only 7 months of testing. I sincerely believe the Lord worked a miracle because to bring about quick healing!

Psalm 102:18 about the afflicted is a passage I meditated on during that season, trusting in the word. ‘Let this be written so that a generation not yet created will Praise the Lord in Jerusalem, and declare Zion in His name!’ (paraphrased). I thought the Lord moved swiftly to heal me because He had a plan for us to have more children. Now I have three precious babies born after successful treatment, Lydia, Eliora, and sweet Yaniv! My story of healing is part of their story, too, and its a prayer of my heart that they will walk in the fullness of that Psalm and praise the Lord in Jerusalem!

We are eternally grateful for our newest addition! Thank you for celebrating his birth with us!

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