Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp

Christian Singer Jeremy Camp Shares How His Faith Strengthen After His Wife’s Death

As much happy, blessed, and successful Jeremy Camp is with his career and family, his wife Melissa Henning’s death will always remain an unfilled void in his life. The hit song “I Still Believe” surely portrays his struggles in forgetting his eternal love with who he was planning a lifetime within less than 4 months.
They both met as a Bible study in 1999 and Henning’s faith and her heartiest devotion towards God was astounding. They got along well, fell for each other, and finally got married when she was 21 and he was 23. Little did they know that the moments filled with millions of joys were to be replaced with ovarian cancer!

based on worship
Photo Source: Google Photo (Jeremy Camp’s Performance)

Just when they thought that life had greater successes planned, Henning was fighting on her death bed in a blink of an eye. Camp revealed in an interview with People Exclusive that on her death bed she said, “If one life is changed by what I go through, it’s all worth it.” Camp was always confident about his Christian faith, however, after his beloved wife’s death, it was almost as if his faith renewed. He expressed in the interview; “There is hope at the end of hardship. Instead of turning my back and being angry, bitter person at God, it made me stronger.”

Present Life

Camp’s current wife also says that hearing Henning’s story and firmness in faith really did change her life too. Therefore, Melissa surely is happy and resting in peace in heaven.
Camp now expresses; “It’s the most painful part of my life. I believed that she was going to be healed and we would have this long story together”. Despite his belief, he is still permanent on his devotion towards Jesus Christ and that everything happens for a good reason. Hence, Melissa’s inspiration always stayed with him, and now, he also writes Christian songs based on worship.


By: Nehla Zohaira, SAVED News International Correspondent, South Asia

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