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Lifestyle in Singapore

By: Kazi Musa, SAVED News International Correspondent, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Singapore is a blend of western and Asian culture. A hundred percent is urbanized, small, clean and an expensive country. Law and order, multi-type of cuisines, job availability, and expat-friendly laws make Singapore one of the world’s financial hubs.

Singapore occupies just a dot in the world map. The total area of this country is 704 square kilometers. It has a tropical environment in the daytime and a bit harsh. In the evening it becomes more windy and friendly though. The country is covered with numerous skyscrapers, shopping malls, green boulevards, and playgrounds. Which implies the combination of modernization with nature.

Almost 20 percent of people in Singapore are foreigners. The rest of the 80 percent are Chinese, Male and Tamil. So, languages,  religions, cultures, lifestyle, and cuisines are also many.  People speak very good English which attracts more western people to come.

food, travel, housing
Source: Google Free Photo (Night Of Singapore)

If you are planning to come to Singapore for a job or academic purpose, you should research before coming. Housing is very expense and more than 80 percent housings are controlled by the government. Housing cost is higher than in New York City. It is very tough to buy a car here. It may cost a huge amount of money and very hard to get driving permission also. The MRT (train) is very frequent and comfortable. You can go anywhere by public transportation. Besides, taxis also available but expensive too.

mtr-train Singapore
Public Transport of Singapore 

For a traveler or foreigner, there are numerous things to do here. It’s an island country so anytime you can enjoy the sea by hiring small cruise or can buy a tour package. If you are a shopaholic then you are in the heaven of shopping. There are many modern malls with world-famous brands to melt your mind. You can enjoy multinational cuisines in rooftop restaurants with music. Besides, luxurious bars are open the whole night. Many people love to go there just after office hours to get some early hours benefit.


Keep in your mind that Singaporeans are not outgoing but gentle. Schooling, food, travel, housing, and almost every necessary stuff are relatively expensive. But income status and life standard are also very high over there. Also, Singapore is a very safe and secure place. In addition, the police are very friendly but you should avoid some issues.  Such as criticizing its government, talking loudly in public transport and political discussions as well. Overall you will find Singapore a very exciting and friendly to live and travel.

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