2016 Prophetic Word

By: Prophet Ron Johnson, SAVED News Guest Editorialist — “2016 will be a fertile year, Yahweh has blessed the ground so that what we plant in this year will yield huge results. Even though this is true, we must consider what we put into the ground more closely than before. We must stop putting meaningless seed in the ground and strange fire in the air. What is meaningless seed and strange fire? Meaningless seed is that which we give to God which is disposable and not living (Gen 4:4). Strange fire is that which we put in the air that the Father doesn’t recognize. It is a result of our intentions that may be good but not God that which we presume he wants instead of that which originates from HIM. In order for us to maximize your seed and take full advantage of the ground make sure everything sown in 2016 is living. How do you make your seed living? Let David’s words inform you (2 Sam 24:24). Also Satan has designs to take advantage of the ground by mixing it with things that dilute. In 2016, be aware that he will try to pollute through false teaching, false leaders and false circumstances that will try to get the believer to hold back his seed. Remember a little leaven (1 Cor 5:6). He is trying to enact that same plan he had in Gen 6:4. We cannot be ignorant of his devices, if we are we will lose out on the harvest. Do not allow carnality, to make you think that I am speaking from a financial standpoint, I am speaking from one of the most central truths in scripture that is applicable to all things we do and produce (Mark 4:13).”

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