SAVED News was created to glorify God and edify the body of Christ. The vision God gave for SAVED News is a Christian Media Empire for His glory. Initially a newspaper, SAVED News has expanded to fulfill the vision that God has given.

  • SAVED News Magazine: a monthly magazine filled with articles and editorials of God’s goodness, miracles, information to edify the body of Christ, God’s Word, music, sports, and more.
  • SAVED News Social Media: keeps the body of Christ current of information that is happening now, as it happens.
    • facebook.com/SAVEDNews
    • twitter.com/SAVEDNews
    • youtube.com/SAVEDNews
    • instagram.com/SAVEDNews
  • SAVED News Marketing: SAVED News assists business and churches with getting information to their target audience. We are an agency that assist our clientele with branding, marketing, and development by placing your information where it is most effective:
    • ALL national, regional, and local television networks (i.e.; CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, Christian networks, etc.)
    • ALL national, regional, and local radio stations
    • ALL national, regional, and local newspaper, magazines, and periodicals.
    • ALL Social Media Outlets
    • Media Production for television, radio, social media, and print
      • Graphic Design
      • Videography and editing for commercials, programs, and films
  • SAVED News App and Website Development: A website is important for presence and visibility. Additionally, businesses and churches can benefit from their own personal app that customers can download and stay in touch with what is going on in your organization.

For more information, please contact us.

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