Ava Lewis, a three-year-old girl, is selling lemonade to buy diapers and bottles for babies

Ava Lewis, a three-year-old girl, is selling lemonade to help

By: Kazi Musa, SAVED News International Correspondent, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ava Lewis became a phenomenon at Durham, North Carolina for her charitable lemonade business. The toddler runs her stand shop to buy diapers and bottles for babies in need.

The lemonade stand boomed in popularity when a news portal ‘ABC11′ covered her story. Ava said to her mother Maggie “I want to help babies”. Then the story started.

Ava placed her lemonade stand just opposite of her mother’s hair salon in Durham. Her mother gave her only two options to run a business to implement her wish either lemonade or bracelets shop. Where Ava chose a lemonade instead of bracelets.

Her way was not so easy. The first day she didn’t get enough customer. Though, she was selling 50 cents for a small cup and $1 for a big cup.

After publishing the news, within a short time, it got viral in virtual platforms. Many customers started to come to Ava’s stand shop. They were buying lemonade in gallons even instead of small or big cups.

Ava Lewis, a three-year-old girl, is selling lemonade to help
Photo Source: Ava’s Lemonade  Facebook Page

Ava has donated baby wipes and diapers to Durham Rescue Mission, a humanitarian organization. The organization supports children and homeless people for a long time. Reportedly, Rescue Mission authority states that such humanitarian activities from a three-year girl are quite inspiring. Her mother is proud too. As a mother she taught her child, with the best education; they added.

Now Ava has a Facebook page for her business. Consequently, people from far away are coming to buy her lemonade. Her mother Maggie said this is really unbelievable! “Since God is in it, it has no limit”.

County commissioners will meet with Ava Lewis in October to recognize her work. Ava is sharing some inspirational quotes on her facebook page to inspire people. However, A couple of days ago she posted this on her page:


“Allow every storm you go through,

every bad break, to push you to trust

God in a greater way.

When you don’t think you’ll make it through,

God turns it around.

He gives you strength

when you don’t think you can go on”.

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