Church Persecuted During Super Bowl 51 Community Outreach/Watch Party

MIAMI, Feb. 6, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Kingdom Footsteps United Ministries launches “Church on the Go” through their first event: Super Bowl 51 Watch Party.

This was a free Super Bowl Party designed to reach the community through a 144-inch outdoor movie theater with a special pre-game show allowing us to hear from the athletes and coaches playing in Sunday’s big game on topics like faith, integrity, and the love of God and the game.

Pre-game show created by FSPN, the Faith and Family Sports Programming Network.

To the community this was a free Super Bowl party with free food, on a 144-inch outdoor movie theater, in reality it was a party about Jesus and faith.

Just before halftime, a black speeding car is coming down SW 140 Avenue in Miami-Dade. Just as the car is passing the super bowl party with the clear advertisement of “Church on the Go” and Jesus everywhere, you hear a bang, bang, as shots are fired.

Panic Erupts throughout the event as Paola Sheppard, VP of Kingdom Footsteps United Ministries screams, “I got hit!” as she was shot in the back of the head and community resident Phillip Sheffield yells, “They shot me in the leg.”

As people scatter, we quickly realize it was just some sort of paint/pellet gun.

Police arrive on scene shortly after 8pm est.

This was an attack and persecution of a church attempting to bring Jesus to a community in desperate need.

Crime rates are at an extreme high and there is a desperate need for Jesus not only for the community, but for the United States of America.

We are thankful it was just a paintball and God’s protection was over the people.

However, to often in today’s world we often find people saying I will commit to Jesus later in life. The truth is, during the Super Bowl we were reminded that tomorrow is not promised to anyone regardless of age. Had those paintballs been real bullets in a real drive-by we would have lost the life of a very young woman at only 28 in the blink of an eye, just watching the Super Bowl. We pray you are reminded of these truths and that today you have chosen to live for Jesus.

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