The Federal Government and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are viewing “the church” and non-profits with a different set of eyes. The old way of doing business is now unrecognizable. The process for grants has changed dramatically. Diane Smith, CEO of Doing Business Right and Doing Church Right, is conducting classes to teach “the church” and non-profits of the changes and the requirements.
Smith is only one of two people certified in the state of North Carolina to conduct the class and to issue certifications (within certain guidelines).
Smith stated that unless the organizational structure of “the church” and non-profits are set up correctly, they will begin to experience major problems.
She continued to say, “The government is challenging ‘the church’ and non-profits on their constitutions and by-laws. The IRS has begun auditing to see if they are in compliance with their own constitution. Unfortunately, the majority of these organizations are out of compliance and are totally unaware.”
Members of various local churches and non-profits enrolled in the classes to gain valuable information to get their organizations in compliance.
Contact Diane Smith at or (919) 394-7572

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