Climate Change and Stogner Hurricanes Connections

Climate Change and Stogner Hurricanes Connections

Climate Change and Recent Hurricane’s Destruction

By: Kazi Musa, SAVED News International Correspondent, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In the last decade, hurricanes and storms are breaking their previous records. Many meteorologists and climate specialists think that continuous global warming and climate change are mainly responsible for stronger hurricanes like Dorian.

Many recent studies find that there are some significant connections between climate change and stronger storms, hurricanes, and typhoons.

Recently National Climate Assessment (NCA) forecasted that storms and hurricanes could be stronger and more destructive because of global warming. A study on the slowdown of tropical-cyclone conducted by James P. Kossin argues that warm climate could slow down the wind in the atmosphere. And these slow and warming conditions make hurricanes and typhoons slower and more dampish. He added, comparatively hurricanes are passing slowly than the last decades and last for a longer time as a result devastates also more.

Climate Change and Stogner Hurricanes Connections
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Another study of the National Science Foundation suggests that continuous global warming trend may cause stronger hurricanes and typhoons in the future.

Ocean and surface warming both are responsible for slow wind. That slow winds contribute to increasing evaporations from the water. That evaporations change its form like cool, condense and finally create storm clouds. Lately, it can form a tropical depression by gaining more hot water and warm winds.

Hence, global warming and climate change can contribute to stronger hurricanes. Many meteorologists think ongoing category 3 Hurricane Dorian is also an example of climate change.

Environment activist Leonardo DiCaprio posts on his Instagram page. As “As climate change continues to heat up our oceans and air, storms like Atlantic hurricanes will only become stronger and more destructive”.

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