Handling The Soon, But Not Yet (A PROPHETIC PERSPECTIVE)

By Prophet Ron Johnson, SAVED News Guest Editorialist — We’ve have all been there! We have been graced enough for our Father to give us a word concerning our future, but waiting for its manifestation. This is all too familiar in the body of Christ. It is the thing that both excites us with expectation and plagues at night when it seems as if the word is so far from our reality that we seem delusional for believing it.
It is these words that in our alone moments, we look at the heavens and say “When Father?” Now that we understand each other, let me attempt to shed insight. When a true prophetic word is spoken over you that word lingers in your life. In Habakkuk 2:3 the word “tarry” is the Hebrew word mahahh which literally means “linger.” This is why different people seemingly can give you the same word! So if the word in fact, “lingers” how can we make it a reality in our lives? We have grappled with the concept of maybe it hasn’t happened because I don’t believe enough. I would like to suggest to you that it is not a matter of belief, but a matter of becoming. To “become” takes us committing to the ups and downs of life that appear to be unrelated to the prophetic word or so we think.
How deeply have we submitted to the father’s process of becoming? Well, like it or not, once the prophetic word is spoken, the Father commissions situations and circumstances to start you on the process of becoming. Consider Joseph, he went from favored son, to slave, to prisoner to second in command. It’s hard to believe that the Father ordained all these things to occur, but what type of character would Joseph have to have in order to stand in the midst of a pagan nation with unlimited power and resource only to keep the way of LORD?
In order for the Father to entrust him with destiny, he had to go through family betrayal and then years later, have compassion enough to offer understanding consolation to his betrayers (Gen 50:20). He had to go through understanding the boundaries of what he could have and what he could not (Gen 39: 8-9). Finally, he had to go through not having his gifts not only recognized but seemingly forgotten until the appointed time of God’s favor (Gen 40:14, 23).
In light of this, I ask you, have you become enough of the prophetic word that you are believing for? If you are called to the pastorate, do you have enough compassion and patience to shepherd? If you are called to the Apostolic are you willing to father people into their callings like Paul did to Timothy? If the answer is no, then hopefully this will change your perspective of the “Not yet” from a perpetual point of frustration, to what I believe it is, a Father ordained period of grace in order for us to become.

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