Welcoming Eliora

By Callie Mitchell, SAVED News International Correspondent, Jerusalem, Israel
The Mitchell family is pleased to announce the birth of our daughter Eliora Carolina! She was born on November 10, weighing 6 lbs 12 ounces. Devin chose Eliora, which is Hebrew meaning “My God is My Light.” I choose Carolina (Caro-leena), which means “Song of Joy,” fitting for this season of life, after two friends prophesied over me that I would be “surprised by joy!”
December is a time when we celebrate the birth of the Messiah, so this month, I’d like to testify to the joyful natural birth that brought Eliora into the world, in the peace of our own home!
The thought of childbirth can be quite scary, but it can be an extremely positive experience! I’ve had hard pregnancies, but all three of our births have been wonderful. Eliora’s birth was quite different from the others in that it started out very slow, but finished with great ease! My first contraction was on Sunday morning, and she wasn’t born until Thursday! The long early labor was a battle for my mind, as I had to keep submitting the process to the Lord without developing a discouraged spirit. Finally, after a good cry Thursday afternoon, I entered into active labor.
Devin came home from work, and we called the doctor and doula (birth assistant) that would be attending the birth after my contractions were well established at 5 minutes apart and strong enough to feel teary eyed. Once my doula arrived she helped me with a variety of comfort measures and prayer. While she was rubbing oil on my feet and during a very strong contraction, the Lord granted the most beautiful picture of His love radiating out of my heart and demons of fear fleeing. His perfect love cast out all fear. After that I was coping with such peace. As each contraction came on, I praised Him for the honor and privileged to bring forth life, and thanked Him that His love was abounding in our home. That shift of focus, from my circumstances to Him and His purposes, was one of the best ways of working through the intensity of each contraction.
Active labor continued to progress well, and at one point, I asked the Lord where we were in the process. The thought that came to mind was “the fun part.” It made me giggle, because childbirth is hardly something you would consider fun, but I agreed with the Lord that if He was calling it fun, who was I to say anything different! Just after that, my water broke with a big gush! I knew we were soon entering the last and most intense phase of transition, but trusted the Lord that it would be “fun.” The next three contractions were intense and strong, and on the fourth one, I knew it was time to push. With about four good pushes, our new little girl was born into our loving home!
It was a day I will forever treasure in my heart. I hope the anointing of that day will rest on each of you as the Lord is birthing new songs in your lives!

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