SAVED News Entertainment,SAVED News,Travel An Experience in Rio De Janeiro Beach in Brazil 

An Experience in Rio De Janeiro Beach in Brazil 

An experience in Rio De Janeiro beach in Brazil 

By: Kazi Musa, SAVED News International Correspondent, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Brazil is one of the tour haven countries. It has numerous travel spots. As a solo traveler, I once traveled to Rio De Janeiro beach in Brazil. Rio beach is one of the most popular places for national and international travelers. It’s an awesome beach, but I had some extreme misfortune and lost my wallet.

It was a sunny day in Rio De Janeiro. I wanted to lay on the beach to produce vitamin D in my body. I was enjoying the sea waves and feeling inner peace. Some cheerful clamor of other tourists was whispering in my ear.

rio de jenerio tour scam

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Fraud Agent:

Suddenly a guy came to me and introduced himself as a tour planner. He was very informative and smart. I was listening to his tour plans and asking for some suggestions too. His offers were very lucrative at a cheap price. Usually, people don’t come and talk like this. However, I had been trying to find some more exciting places to explore.

By the way, I left my wallet and cell phone just beside me. After a while, the man left the place. I started to think about my next trips again. A bit later I noticed that my things were no longer on my side. Maybe someone came silently and stole my stuff from the other side when I was busy with the tour agent. I am not sure but, most probably it’s an organized thief group.

Things went by very quickly and I had nothing to do that time. Though I complained to the police later on. I guess it’s a sort of problem of the solo traveler. However, I wish you are not going to face such experience like me.

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