By: A~Z Hubbard, SAVED News Editor-In-Chief — Is a new slang phrase that people are all over the world is using. To some, they may think this is blasphemy; however, God being God, He receives all the glory when someone is even jokingly say #JesusFixIt. This phrase now have sinners calling on Jesus to fix it and you know what? Jesus does fix it. He fixes it to the Will of God, so when you hear someone joking #JesusFixIt, just praise the Lord because Jesus Will Fix It.
I must admit I use the phrase and I make sure that I drop this phrase in the presence of sinners hoping they will pick it up. I want them calling on the name of Jesus, so the Holy Spirit will prick their hearts to receive Jesus. I want the sinner to continuous ask Jesus to fix it until they are slain in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and REALLY mean #JesusFixIt.
Many of you did the ice bucket challenge (not going to speak on that *eyeroll*), so I now challenge you to the #JesusFixIt challenge where you drop the phrase among sinner and then ask them to receive Jesus.
P.S. I hope you enjoyed the SAVED News Praise Stage at the Mount Olive Pickle Festival. I would like to thank God, Mount Olive Pickle, First PH Church, and all affiliates that made it possible. #JesusFixedIt

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