Praising the Slain Lamb

By Callie Mitchell, SAVED News International Correspondent, Jerusalem, Israel
Have you ever thought of the book of Revelation as being Hebraic? Over the years, as I have had discussions with believers, I’ve often heard it argued that the picture of the cloud of witness from every tribe, tongue, and nation is evidence that the Lord moved away from Jewish roots after the cross, favoring the work of salvation in all the nations. After being absorbed into Israeli and Jewish culture, I honestly see Revelation as one of the most Hebraic books of the New Testament, and understand salvation of the nations to part of the prophetic fulfillment the covenants given to Israel. “Through you all nations will be blessed.” (Gen 12:2-3, 18:18, 22:18)
Furthermore, the parallels between the plagues of Exodus and the tribulation of last days found is Revelation; as well as the imagery taken from the feast of Leviticus 23, is quite profound and becomes abundantly clear as understanding of our Jewish roots increases.
As we prepare for Pesach, or Passover, this April, what I find most moving from this book as it relates to both the Hebraic nature of Revelation, and our corporate standing before the Lord, is the praise from Revelation 5:11-14:
““Worthy is the Lamb that was slain…”
This passage tells us that every created thing in heaven and on earth, and in the sea will praise the Lord Yeshua, as the Lamb!
In understanding this passage within the full context of God’s Word and His plan for history, this is one place in scripture that we cannot fully understand without knowing the Passover story. Particularly the last plague from Exodus 11, in which the Jewish people were commanded to sacrifice a lamb and place its blood above their door post in order for the Angel of Death to “Passover” their homes, sparing the lives of their first born sons. This story in scripture was prophesying of the ultimate work that would be accomplished at the cross through Messiah Yeshua laying down His life, so that through His blood, God’s wrath would pass over us at the Judgment.
During this time in history-yet-to-come, when we all have been ingathered, from every tribe, tongue and nation, and we are privileged to stand in full confidence before our savior, our unhindered corporate praise takes on this very Hebraic nature! As we cry out “Worthy is the Lamb”, together we are acknowledging Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah! While the new covenant through His blood certainly allows for all nations to freely enter in, this covenant does not change Yeshua’s Jewish identity, and Revelation gives us a picture of a time when every tongue will confess this truth!
If the praise that He desires in the next age is for us to affirm His Hebraic nature in His Lordship, then what does that mean for us today? As we enter into this season of celebrating the resurrection, may we all allow this truth that Yeshua is the Slain Lamb in whom we find our salvation, to fill our hearts and our lips with praise!

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