Cute Thoughtful Kids

Cute Thoughtful Kids

Shutterfly: Time square billboards display thank you messages from kids to essential workers

Shutterfly started a #createthanks trend where kids demonstrate their gratitude towards frontline and essential workers in an art form. It is no surprise that they have been receiving a crazy amount of responses from these cute thoughtful kids.

Kids submit their drawings to Shutterfly, and they select some very attractive and colorful ones with a message to it. Later, they surprise them by displaying their artwork on billboards in Times Square.

Very recently, Shutterfly posted pictures of 3 ecstatic kids with their paintings in hand in front of the billboards that portrayed their works.

Cute Thoughtful Kids
Photo Source: (Shutterfly) Cute Thoughtful Kid

One of them was 7 years old Kelli-Rose Simpson Forde who wrote: “thank you for keeping us safe” surrounded by stickers and rainbows. She mentioned in several interviews that her grandfather is an essential worker as a bus driver and that he helps people. He inspired his granddaughter and both of them were very close. Kelli’s prayers are now being displayed on a billboard and not just on her front door in Elmont anymore.

4 years old Amari London Alhassan very thoughtfully drew a heart held by two hands colored in red. She indicated it towards her assistant physician’s mom and portrayed the idea that frontline workers are saving people’s lives and putting theirs on stake. Her gratitude showed what a great perspective she has.

Reportedly adorable kid Xavier Garcia, aged 5, was also selected for his card which said “thank you superheroes” with doctors and nurses drawn. In an interview with GNN, Xavier said “I made this picture the doctors and nurses for being superheroes.” His inspiration came from his Aunt who is a frontline nurse’s assistant.


By: Nehla Zohaira, SAVED News International Correspondent, South Asia

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