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South Korea – natural beauty, nurtured by culture

World War 2 marks a significant event in history around the world. One major consequence of the war was the splitting of Korea which gave birth to The Republic of Korea on the southern part of the Korean peninsula by putting boundaries on the border to enter the northern half. In spite of these crucial times, South Korea managed to be one of the fastest economically flourishing countries in Asia.

South Korea has an impressively behaved population of about 51.8 million people. Koreans have a unique manner of showing respect to others when they meet where they bow as a sign of gratitude and they are also taught from a very young age about different ways of reverencing elders. These codes of conduct apply to all races and religions in the country, be it Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, Shamanism, or Islam.

modern Korean natural beauty
Photo Source: (Google Photo) Modern Korean in Nature

Alongside the beautiful people, the country decorates itself with vibrant mountains, oceans, old Buddhist temples, rugged countryside, and sub-tropical islands. Far away towards the center of the rural surrounding lies the capital city, Seoul.

Seoul is a city of dreams embodied with sky-touching skyscrapers, the Lotte world tower, high-tech facilities, busy metropolitan subways, museums of arts, textile and porcelains, and massive attractive structures.

While progression is on the rise, complexity meets modern Korean pop to embrace innovation. K-pop is a Korean music genre that has been one of the greatest sensations of the 2000’s youths. The fandom of k-pop bands grew enormously, making the country a lot more prominent.

All in all, it is a diverse nation of sophistication as well as entertainment. Indeed, what a country to make experiences in!


By: Nehla Zohaira, SAVED News International Correspondent, South Asia

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