There IS A Reason For Rest

By: A~Z Hubbard, SAVED News Editor-In-Chief
I know this is not grown breaking news to you. I am positive that you have experienced this before. However, I know that we all sometimes forget this as I did. Becoming so busy working at the church, your job, and personal life can literally bring you to your knees. Wanting to get that “To Do” list accomplished, desiring to fulfill obligations and helping others will result in neglecting yourself.

I wanted to take this space to say, while yes; all of that is important, don’t forget to take time for yourself. And by the way, don’t let anyone try to make you feel guilty for doing so. If you don’t take that time, then you are good for no one. It might be hard, but it’s necessary.

God encourages us to rest, to take time so we can be at our peak performance. So this month, regardless of what your commitments are, please take a little time for yourself, to rest. Promise you will not regret it.

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