Wings Over Wayne 2015 Wayne Executive Jetport

David Fields is the Wayne Executive Jetport (WEJ) new Airport Manager. He started his new job on September 22, 2014. A graduate from East Carolina University in Industrial Technology and then enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After Basic Training he went to Pensacola, Florida where he received his aviation training. In 1981, he received his wings. He’s been stationed in various states in the US, Japan, Korea, the Philistines, and several trips overseas. He has approximately 4,000 flight hours.
Several corporations use WEJ to fly their executives into Goldsboro and Wayne County. Additionally, private citizens utilize WEJ.
Wayne Community College (WCC) partners with WEJ for their Aviation Mechanics. Fields said “Honda Jet has expressed interest in utilizing WCC’s program for their employees to complete recurring train at WEJ.”
WEJ was awarded to contract to supply fuel support for the Wings Over Wayne Airshow 2015. They supplied at least 6,000 gallons of aviation gasoline and 900 gallons of jet fuel.
Fields said, “WEJ is for the entire community, we encourage families to come out and spend a day; teachers to bring their students; or just stop by to visit. Don’t forget to bring a bag lunch, there are picnic tables available so you can really enjoy your day. I want to stress that everyone is welcomed to come out, this is not a private club or an elite place”
Fields has an awesome vision as to what WEJ can bring to the community. A new flight school class, and in approximately six to seven months there will be a skydiving school.
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