Bangor police confirmed there is an active investigation into a "suspicious letter" delivered to the Maine home of Sen. Susan Collins. Collins' husband was at home.

Police Investigating ‘Suspicious Letter’ at Sen. Susan Collins’ Maine Home

By Ellyn Santiago

Bangor Police public information officer Sgt. Wade Betters, in response to a request by Heavy inquiring about fire and crime scene vehicles located near Sen. Susan Collins’ house, said authorities are investigating a “suspicious letter.”

Local media first reported that a Bangor Police crime lab vehicle and Bangor Fire Department vehicles were on the scene shortly after 3 p.m. It was reported that emergency personnel were positioned on West Broadway in Bangor, next to Collins’ house. Minutes later, local media reported that Hayward Street was closed to the public.

Betters’ office forwarded a statement to Heavy that read in part, “Today at 1:39 p.m., we responded to a residence on West Broadway to investigate a suspicious letter. Members of our Criminal Investigation Division are currently on scene and the investigation is ongoing. The Bangor Fire Department and a HAZMAT team from Orono Maine are assisting the investigation. At this time, we have no information that suggests the public is in any danger.”

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