nurse reunine with daughters nhs

nurse reunine with daughters nhs

Frontline “Hero” Nurse Was Reunited With Her Two Daughters After Nine Weeks

“I think the NHS is really great people trying to save the world. She had to be away to save people—she’s my hero.”
Bella, 9, and Hettie, 7, have spoken their heart out of pride for their brave single mother Suzanne Vaughan. Suzanne, 43, is a nurse who worked on the frontline for England’s NHS at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Norfolk. Where she has been working for 20 years. It was her own decision to abide by her responsibilities and help save the lives of patients affected by Corona Virus.

nurse reunine with daughters nhs
Source: (Google Photo) Nurse reunites with daughters after nine weeks

However, she had to make a tough choice of maintaining a safe distance from her daughters as she also had to work longer hours. To this she said; “I brought them to my sister’s home because I wanted to keep them safe. Because I work at the hospital and was exposing myself to the virus each day. But I also wanted to work more, and I couldn’t do more hours and keep the girls.”

After 9 long weeks of duties and maintaining quarantine, Suzanne decided to surprise Bella and Hettie by creeping up behind the sofa in their Aunt Charlotte’s house. It was a heartwarming moment caught on camera when they reunite. When the two ecstatic daughters jumped and hugged their mothers and ended up crying tears of joy.

She further told; “There were many times I thought to myself I can’t do this anymore. It was dead-quiet, no one running about or screaming or laughing, it was horrible.” Despite all the difficulties, Suzanne made the heroic sacrifice but it was the time that she put works aside and her girls first.


By: Nehla Zohaira, SAVED News International Correspondent, South Asia

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