ANTONIO GWYNN cleaning streets


Antonio Gwynn Jr. is a high school senior from Buffalo, New York, who was so disheartened and concerned about how the protestors have damaged and littered the streets that he worked 10 straight hours to clean up the mess. 

His humanitarian actions started from 2 AM and continued until he was satisfied that people leaving for work or going anywhere the next day won’t face any problems on the streets. The following early morning, a cleanup crew from an organization arrived to only find out that all the work was done.

This generous community service spread fast via news airing on WKBW-TV of Buffalo, NY, and reached Matt Block. Who immediately knew what to do with the 2004 Mustang convertible that he had previously been reluctant to part with. Matt wholeheartedly told to a reporter; “I couldn’t come to grips with selling it and this was a good way for me to get rid of it and know someone that gets it is going to appreciate it.”

To Matt’s valuable gift, Antonio was overwhelmed and speechless. He stated how his late mother also rode a red Mustang. And further expressed; “I literally stopped, pulled over, and started crying,”. His great aunt and cousin started crying, too.

Photo Source: The Dad

Impressed by Antonio’s work, he has been offered a full scholarship to Medaille College. This is a great opportunity for him because he had intended to begin attending trade school in the fall to save up money for college. Besides, Bob Briceland from Briceland Insurance Agency will be covering Gwynn’s insurance for one year as well.

He does these activities because he is just a boy with a big heart and dreams. He hopes he can make his mother proud, which I’m sure he already did!


By: Nehla Zohaira, SAVED News International Correspondent, South Asia

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