By: Kazi Musa, SAVED News International Correspondent, Malaysia

Fancy dresses, exquisite jewelry, the floating aroma of brewed coffee, and the refreshing smell of books over the top: the COEX mall has it all. The Starfield COEX mall in the city of Seoul hosts a 13 meters tall gigantic public library, called Starfield library, with over 50,000 books, as well as numerous international titles and over 600 local titles.
The mall library is decorated with spacious desks and seats surrounded by neon-lit shelves at night and daylight at remaining hours. In the priority of the more technophile people, there are specialized e-book and tablet corners for researching or reading the soft copies. In case a handful of people are just curious about the k-drama or the glamorous part of the world of knowledge, there’s always a magazine corner. The overall beautification is so Instagram friendly that it also leaves room for shopaholics and influencers who are just tired of roaming around the mall and are finding a studio spot to sit back and relax. This iconic mall library has also been an eventful space for cultural performances occasionally.

Two Stories of Bliss

The 2 stories stacked up shelves hold books of possibly every different genre staring fictions, non-fictions, horror, mystery, thriller, fantasy, and so forth. Escalators are used to reach the books in upper tiers. Some towers have books organized in a manner that portrays unique artistic images and it surely is extremely costly to maintain. It also makes a very attractive place for tourists; however, they are yet to diversify in languages other than mostly Korean.
Unlike traditional libraries, this is heaven in chaos for book lovers!

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