Winter Tips- Preventing Frozen Pipes

While it may be warm and cozy in your home chances are it can freezing under it. Hi, I’m John Casey, Service Manager here at Keen Plumbing Co. Use these five tips to help prevent the unexpected plumbing expenses of frozen pipes when the temperatures drop in the low 20’s.
Remember moving water won’t freeze, so turn on the faucet and let it DRIP. It doesn’t have to run or dribble, just a drop every two seconds is enough to keep your pipes from freezing. A faucet that drips every two seconds will use on average 8 gallons a day or the equivalent of less than half of an extra shower each day. It is much less expensive than the plumbing call to thaw out and repair those frozen lines.

Quick Tips

Open the cabinets on your faucets that are located on exterior walls. Many kitchen sink and bathroom faucets are located on exterior walls and are more susceptible to freezing. By opening the cabinet doors directly under these faucets you allow the warm air in the house to permeate the areas, the wall, and help prevent the pipes from freezing.
Close the foundation vents on your home when temps get in the low 40s.
Remember to disconnect that garden hose from the spigot. Even freeze proof hose bibbs will freeze if garden hoses are still attached and prevent drainage.
Lastly, don’t forget about those pump houses. Well, pumps and piping are often away from the warmth of the home and will freeze. A small pump house heater or a heat bulb will prevent waking up to a frozen pump house.
We know life happens and sometimes we all forget to do things but if you wake up and find your pipes frozen or hear water spraying we’ll be happy to assist you. Just give us a call at 919-735-1920. Keen Plumbing Co. proudly serving Goldsboro and beyond since 1923.

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